Meet Your Host

Leslie Keffler

Leslie is a classroom and airplane escapee. She used to be a first grade teacher and a flight attendant. She  got out of both careers just before things got crazy (crazier?). Now she is a virtual assistant working from home doing all the things that many people were forced to do due to Covid-19. For the past 10 years, she’s been spending her days wearing her pajamas, ordering food delivery, hanging out on Zoom and rarely leaving the house. When she’s not forgetting to shower (ew!), she offers in-demand skills to her online clients.

Meet Your Speakers

Renee Shupe
Listen, Adjust & Grow: Listen to your instincts, adjust along the way and grow your business your way!

In 2008, Renee was tried of the corporate grind and launched her first business, Redhead Business Solutions. She quickly saw a need to support her clients with all of the technical needs to run their digital business. Over the years, she saw a real need to support her clients by maintaining and keeping their websites secure and so Geek in Your Pocket was born!

Renee grew up in a tiny community on Vancouver Island and 5 years ago moved to central Alberta with her husband and fur baby, Fozzie. She and her husband write a food blog and you can find them on Facebook.

Renee hangs out on Facebook and Instagram mostly, come by and say hi.

Kathy Colaiacovo
My Virtual Assistant Journey to 7 Figures as a Social Media Specialist

Kathy Colaiacovo is an Online Marketing Strategist and Trainer based in Nova Scotia, Canada. She works with Coaches, Dietitians, and Course Creators from all over the world who participate in her marketing training programs, membership group or have her team of Virtual Assistants manage their marketing and schools.

In 2008, Kathy started her business, Time On Task VA Services, as a Virtual Assistant and by 2012 had grown to have a 6 figure VA business with a team of 14 VAs working for her and managing the marketing for 35+ clients at any one time. In 2014 she made a shift and Pepper It Marketing was born! She started to work with a limited number of clients so she could increase her online training programs. She specializes in Social Media and Online Marketing and knows how to help her students and clients grow their own businesses by implementing online marketing strategies that get results!

If you want to learn how to help your clients – or your own VA business – grow and scale their business with increases in website traffic that generates more leads, in order to get more clients – connect with Kathy! Start with her Foundations of Content Marketing guide.

Stephanie Blake
How to Grow A Service Based Business to Consistent $5K Months Without Burning Out

Stephanie Blake is a business coach, systems expert & founder of The Blake Collective where she helps moms start and scale their online business to consistent $5-10K+ months without burning out.

She’s committed to showing the “unsexy” side of being a mom & business owner to inspire women that they can “have it all”, even if it looks like a mess 99% of the time.

Prior to diving into the world of online business she worked in the corporate marketing world for 10+ years with some of thelargest franchise brands to up-level their marketing efforts.

Her favorite place to hangout is Instagram to connect with her people & give insane amounts of value. Connect with her @theblakecollective.


Janica Smith
How to Build a Business as an In-Demand Author and Speaker Assistant

Janica Smith is the owner and CEO of PublishingSmith where she leads a team that helps passionate, creative people who want to become published authors. One of her first clients introduced Janica as her Publishing Navigator. The title stuck and is a great descriptor of exactly what she does. She navigates the best path for her clients through the publishing process while making sure they avoid the many scams, mistakes and pitfalls that derail self-published authors. She does all this with gentle encouragement and calm reassurance for the process.

Through PublishingSmith, Janica has helped publish over 150 books and has helped clients establish more than 100 independent publishing companies. She takes a comprehensive approach to the business of authorship and provides other business administrative support to her clients through another branch of her company called AdminiSmith.

In 2014, she added another company, InstructionSmith, to the mix when she and Michelle Mack took over the training and certification programs developed by Jan King for Professional Author and Speaker Assistants. Janica and Michelle were some of the first VAs certified through that program and are happy that they can continue to offer the training to other aspiring Author and Speaker Assistants.


Tracey D’Aviero
Selling Yourself: Discover and Own Your Value

Tracey D’Aviero is a veteran Virtual Assistant, VA Coach and Trainer, Speaker and Author. She teaches business and marketing skills to women who want to control their own earning potential and schedule, by running profitable and sustainable VA businesses. Tracey’s mission is to provide education, inspiration and motivation to Virtual Assistants and Virtual Professionals to help them build the business they need to support the lifestyle they want. Contact Tracey for speaking engagements, group training or private coaching at her website below.

Craig Cannings
Discover Ten Profitable VA Niches for 2021!

Craig Cannings has been freelancing online since 2003. In 2008, during a time of great economic recession, Craig and his wife launched VAClassroom (now Freelance University), which actually turned out to be perfect timing! Many people were being downsized and laid off at the time and were suddenly looking for new opportunities! The University was born and has since experienced incredible growth!

Craig (and his team) have had the privilege of helping over 16,000 students in 75 countries realize their dreams of launching a portable, freelance or VA business (and lifestyle).

Craig has enjoyed the great freedom of working from home and traveling abroad while raising their 5 wonderful daughters. Craig and his family currently reside in Calgary, Alberta, Canada!

Lisa Wells
Make More Money and Attract Your Perfect Clients – 3 Keys to Building Profitable Packages

Lisa R. Wells is a marketing, operations and systems guide for female coaches, consultants, and virtual assistants. As a consultant and trainer since 2005, Lisa currently offers time-saving forms, planners, and ebooks, as wells as practical courses to grow your business and simplify the marketing and technical side.

Lisa is also a military spouse and mom to sons, Eddie and Brett. Originally from Southern California, she feels at home now in North Carolina but loves working remotely with clients all over the country. In her free time, she loves true crime podcasts, reading Stephen King novels, and breakfasts at greasy diners. You might also find her enjoying fireflies and lightning storms because – forget sunny days – cold and rainy ones are always when the magic happens!


Jeanette Ortega
Creating a Multiple VA Agency

Jeanette Ortega is the founder & CEO of Ultimate Virtual Solutions. Her team of Virtual Experts® specializes in providing coaches, speakers, online service providers, and trainers with technical support, e-mail marketing, online course delivery, and training. UVS prides itself on meeting deadlines, over delivering and paying close attention to detail.


Katie Scott
How to Budget for Profit

Katie is a former-accountant turned entrepreneur who gets over-excited about money management systems and business strategy. She teaches women entrepreneurs how to achieve personal and business financial wellness so they’re truly free to pursue their passions, not their next paycheck. She’s also known for being a nap lover, buffalo wing addict, and overly obsessed
dog mom.


Janice Chaka
Podcasting for Profit: How to Help Clients Grow Their Brand

Janice is the founder of Introvert Media Lab, where she combines 1:1 Business coaching with access to skilled VAs. Janice helps introverted entrepreneurs set up systems to create, run and grow their business, so they can build their brand and get hired.

She hosts the podcast The Traveling Introvert where she talks about running businesses, traveling (less so now) and being an introvert.


Regina Baker
Power Tips for a Profitable VA Business

While many strive to get onto the next big stage, the next platform, or the next lineup, she’s the person behind the scenes, making it all happen for others. Having served authors and speakers in excellence for over five years, Regina Baker has helped 100s of entrepreneurs and small businesses online since 2004. She is an award-winning internet business consultant and executive virtual assistant who majors in finding inefficient processes, streamlining them, then boosting the productivity, and income, of her clients. As a former Radio Host on CNN Radio, she’s not only been featured in The New York Times and Voyage Houston —but she positions her clientele to get that caliber of results, as well. A masterful wordsmith in her own right, Regina strategically creates systems and funnels that yield profitable leads and opportunities for speakers, authors, and entrepreneurs nationwide—so they can do more of what they love, more of the time.

After managing communications and administration in Corporate America for years, she not only perfected her skill set and strategy; she found her innate purpose and passion. It was there that she learned the art of stellar customer service, which is one of the key pillars of her business that sets her apart from the rest. Using the old adage, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” as a benchmark and launching pad for her business, she is intentional about making every customer feel like they’re the only customer. In addition to helping authors and speakers alike shine online and on stage, Regina also serves as a mentor to many virtual assistants who want to level up in their businesses.

Her success thus far led her to be recognized as an Outstanding Woman Who Inspires by Hope for Women magazine, the Leading Business Woman of the Year by WBOO, and one of the Top 50 Fabulous Women two years in a row by Black Business Women Online. She was also among many greats recognized in Who’s Who Among Women in Ecommerce. While others search for the latest gimmicks and games, get-rich-quick formulas, and overnight success secrets, Regina’s ability to help clients build on a firm foundation, coupled with quality customer care, sets them up for long-term success, no matter what state the economy may be in.

Affectionately known by many as “The Game Changer,” “The Real McCoy” and “The Original,” Regina’s main goal is the well-being of her clients and their clients. Committed to making sure the job gets done right the first time, she argues that she doesn’t do magic tricks or work miracles—but she can come pretty close.


Cynthia Jones
How to Develop Your Mindset for Abundance

As a first-generation college student, Cynthia began her career in Cybersecurity with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a double masters in Information Assurance and Cybersecurity Policy. She worked her way through college with limited support. Fortunately, she had her husband by her side as she completed her masters degrees. As she entered the male dominated field of cybersecurity, Cynthia had to learn how to show up with confidence to avoid dismissal which many women struggle with. It was at this job she realized her ability to empower other women to become fearless in pursuing their purpose.

She now has accumulated 20 years of experience in mindset coaching and has helped many women on and offline pursue their goals with courage and continues to watch them succeed.


Mariana Peña
Curate Your High-End Ticket Service

Award winning instructional designer with 15 years of experience in the teaching-learning arena and curriculum development.

I help online service providers and thought leaders create wealth ripples through knowledge sharing. Together we go from 1:1 services to profitable group offers in days, not months.


Tina Forsyth
A Day in the Life of an OBM

After starting her coaching business in 2000, Tina Forsyth quickly came to see the need to partner visionaries with high-level support. With her natural ability to bring both strategy and implementation to the table, Tina began working with 6 to 7-figure leaders within the coaching industry to help manage and grow their businesses, and thus, the role of the Online Business Manager (OBM) was born.

As the demand for high-level support continued to rise, she shifted her focus from being the OBM to training OBMs and founded the International Association of Online Business Managers in 2008 — the home of the Certified OBM® Training. In the 12+ years since its inception, the OBM industry has become established as a key role on the team of fast-growing online and virtually based businesses.


Shannon Baker
Key Ingredients to Succeed as a Virtual Assistant

Shannon is a podcaster and business systems coach who helps busy women with service based businesses create systems to automate the time consuming tasks required to run a business to they can work more efficiently and have more time for what matters most! On her podcast, The More Than Capable Mompreneur, Shannon shares tips, strategies and conducts interviews to help busy moms be more productive and use the mom cracks of time to get things done so they can find a balance that works for them without the mom guilt, can invest in themselves and grow their business without burning out.